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Background The Bhandimanga clan is among 25 clans that make up the Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba. The people belonging to this clan are called Bhandimanga. The word “Bandi” (plural) means “of or belonging to”, in this case people within or belonging to, or tracing their ancestry from Ndimanga as a clan. All clans in Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba except a few use ... Read More »

Owenguko Baker Samuel Bamwendere’s contribution to Bwamba cultural identity

Baker Samuel Bamwendere putting on the minister’s attir Name: Baker Samuel Bamwendere Clan: Mubandi – Mpindu Sub-clan: Bandimagwara-Nkubu Position in OBB: Minister of culture Contact TEL number: 0772645477-0706319134 Sub County: Ntotoro Parish: Nyasoro PROFILE Education: Attended Mantoroba P.S, Bumadu P.S, Western College Mbarara, Uganda College of commerce-Nakawa, attained diploma in Stenography-Nakawa and a certificate in Secretarial studies from U.M.I-Kampala. Leadership: ... Read More »


The speaker Oweng. Gafabusa Richard making a speech at the inaugural official opening of the kusei The speaker guides the all kusei proceedings Read More »

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