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Heads of Clans in Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba

Heads of Clans in Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba NAME: CLAN: 01 Mr. Baker Samuel B Babandi 02 Mr.Mudhele Salim Basu 03 Rev. Suuza Acleo Batalinga 04 Mr. Bakecura Cornelius Banyamwela 05 Rev. Yovani Mutoghwabo Balungu 06 Mr.Ngugha Yostasi Baseghiya 07 Mr.Kisembo Sulait M. Bawiisa 08 Mr.Gabriel Bacurana Bandimbuka 09 Mr. Limbaponi Yowasi Bahombi 10 Mr.Bakawerayo Hillary Balirehe 11 Mr. Ngeye Stephen ... Read More »

List of clans in Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba

LIST OF CLANS OF BAMBA, VANUMA AND BABWISI AS AT 1926 01 Babandi 02 Basu 03 Batalinga 04 Banyamwela 05 Balungu 06 Baseghiya 07 Bawiisa 08 Bandimbuka 09 Bahombi 10 Balirehe 11 Banseelu 12 Baboni 13 Bahundu 14 Bamate 15 Bhahanda 16 Bhandimanga 17 Bhatolu 18 Bhakuteele 19 Bhanyangule 20 Bhajimbula 21 Bhandinibe 22 Bhabhila 23 Bhamaga 24 Ba_hula 25 ... Read More »

Obudhingiya Executive (Ministers)

The Institution of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba has an Executive Committee, designated as “the Cabinet” appointed by OMUDHINGIYA and approved by Kusei. The executive constitutes of such number of offices and officers as appear to OMUDHINGIYA to be reasonably necessary for the efficient management and administration of the affairs of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba. Overall, the ministers in Obudhingiya cabinet undertake the ... Read More »

Nninibe clan

NINNIBBE CLAN ORIGIN KAMBA, is the fore grandfather of this sub clan and had one son called Kandu who also had one son called Nibbe. Nibbe formed the clan Nninibbe through bringing to the world seven sons. It is from these sons and grandsons that all the descendants of Nibbe derive their sub clan names as follows; NIBBE’S SONS AND ... Read More »


Background The Vanuma came from Democratic Republic of Congo in the year 1992 and by then Congo was under the rule of “Bajungu Balelege” (Belgians). There were no any other rulers separately from the Belgians and this government of the Belgians within D.R. Congo setup a law which stated that all local people where to stay in the same vicinity ... Read More »


Background The Bawisa are believed to have migrated from Bunyoro into the present day Bwamba from Kyamuhingo`s family. There great grandfather was called Nsila Muwisa, named after his work of “Kuwisa” iron smelting. The reason to why Nsila-Muwisa moved away from the Kyomuhingo family was because he had lost his wife the mother to his only daughter Magambhilane. He is ... Read More »


Introduction The Banyamwera clan is part of the Twenty five (25) clans of the Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba (OBB) cultural institution. The Banyamwera clan is made up of 12 sub-clans namely, 1.Bandikusaama 2.Bandibunyata 3.Bandikibaate 4.Basenge 5.Bandibhundu 6.Bandikiroro 7.Bandirusiya 8.Bandimukano 9.Bandimboyo 10.Babumbuku 11.Bamengu 12.Bandisyome Background Kitara is the father of Mwera and Murungu who originally stayed in Bunyoro being Munyoro. In Bunyoro ... Read More »


Background The Balungu came from Bunyangabu found in Toro kingdom and moved through Rwenzori Mountain there father Elungu produced seven (7) children named Bughiyo, kataama, Mugombuwa, Kayanja, Mbaali, Nyama and lastly Kauka. Elungu died in Bulungu in Toro kingdom (Kabarole District, Bunyangabu county). His seven children migrated from Bulungu and settled on the slopes of mount Rwenzori. The slopes were ... Read More »


Background Babandi is an ethnic clan found in Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba in Bundibugyo district which speaks Lubwisi language. The Babandi group of people during the mass migration of people in Uganda, they are believed to have migrated from Toro kingdom via Mt. Rwenzori to D.R .Congo to a place known as Kisanji. The Babandi clan is composed of 12 sub-clans ... Read More »

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