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Obudhingiya Executive Council (Ministries)

Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba has a number of portfolios of the Executive Council (Ministers) for the smooth running of the institution. The specific ministers to occupy these positions at any one time are appointed by Omudhingiya and approved by Kusei, the Cultural Council which serves as the institution’s parliament or Rukaloto Lukulu Currently the following portfolios are designated in the structure ... Read More »

Attorney and Minister for Constitutional Affairs

Among the members of the Executive Council (cabinet ministers) of Obudhingiya is a legal brain specifically in place to serve as an Attorney qualified to practice as an Advocate of the Courts of Judicature and has so practised or gained the necessary experience for not less than five years. The Attorney General is the principal legal advisor of Obudhingiya and ... Read More »

Council of Elders (Bakulu b’Entula/Abataka) of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba

There is a Council of Elders (Bakulu B’Entula or Bataka) of all the clans consisting of ethnic communities in Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba. The Council consists of clan leaders, each representing one of the 25 clans of Obudhingiya. The Council is headed by Esimudhingiya or Head of Clans. Esimudhingiya is elected from among the members of the Elders Council. The functions ... Read More »

Cultural Council (Kusei) of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba

There is a body known as the Supreme Cultural Council or Kusei of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba. It is legislative and policy making body of the cultural institution. The work of Kusei is to protect the Constitution of the institution and promote the development, peace, transparency and democratic governance of Obudhingiya as a whole. Kusei holds each and every office or ... Read More »

Royal Spokesperson

The Royal Spokesperson is a member of the Executive (Minister) in the leadership structure of Obudhingiya Bwa Bwamba cultural institution. The function of the Royal Spokesperson to convey information to and from the institution, civil society, government, the public and other similar institutions, make any clarifications or corrections on any pieces of misinformation and, overall, ensure the institution maintains and ... Read More »

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